3 Easy Exercises Women Can Do At Home

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Travelling to Pueta PlataWe pulled out the victory on the road in San Francisco but unfortunately we came back home only to lose the next day to our Northern rivals, Puerto Plata.  We could blame the loss on our bodies being tired but the reality is that we had enough firepower to get the job done.  Back to back games are always tough because your body really feels sore and sluggish during the second game.  What I noticed is that if  your body is stronger and flexible, it becomes easier for you to recover quickly.

This got me to thinking about some of the complaints that I’ve received from many female readers with regard to simple workouts for women at home.  When you’re playing as many games as we do here in the Dominican Republic, you may not have the time nor the energy to get to a gym to get a solid workout in.  With this in mind, I will share a few easy workouts that I consistently do to keep my body strong throughout the season.  There is no magic involved.  It only requires a respectable level of consistency and desire.  They may seem insignificant but I can tell you that they will keep your body in good standing and allow it to recover quickly after a long day of work.

Before I begin with the workouts, I want to explain my basic concept of why it is important to do “some form” of exercise or muscle training.  Simply put, one must train in order to keep away injuries and to avoid muscle erosion.  During my time in Navolato, Mexico I saw an elderly man walking every morning at about 7 am while on my way to the weight room.  One day he stopped me and asked me where I was going.  I informed him that I was going to train at the gym.  He looked at me and winked his eye and told me that I had the right idea.

He also informed me that he was 96 years of age and the reason that he was still alive was because he was active with his walking everyday.  He ended by saying “mientra mas se meuves, duras.”  Which meant, “the more that you move, the longer you will live.”  That statement stuck with me and struck a nerve.   I was amazing at how something so simple could do so much for a person.  It is with this in mind that we must do something everyday with our muscles if we want to keep a youthful appearance and  live a healthful life.

Below are 3 simple workouts for women at home

1. Stretching.  Sounds like a waste of time right?  Check this out.  The more your muscles

stretching a great exercise
Stretching a great Exercise

tighten, the more likely they are to tear when you make a sudden movement or move the wrong way.  Stretching elongates your muscles and gives them elasticity which helps you avoid injuries from slip and falls or while exercising.  Yoga would be ideal but if you don’t have the time, then you can simply perform hamstring, quadriceps and calf stretches each day.  Remember to breathe through you stretches and hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

Body Squats for women
Body Squads

2. Body Squats.  Damien, why is it necessary for me to do body squats?  When you get out of bed each day and you want to get to the bathroom, what do you use?  What do you use to walk downstairs or to get to your car?  Your legs right?  Squats not only build strength in your hamstrings and quadriceps but they also give you a nicely shaped buttocks. You are also working many of the small muscles in your legs as well vs your core because body squats require you to maintain balance while going up and down.  You can perform 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps in less than 5 minutes.

Knee Supported Push Ups
Easy Push Ups

3.  Knee Supported Pushups.  Pushups are for guys, I don’t want a muscular chest!  Calm down, I’ve heard this before.  I’m not trying to make you a body builder, I just want to be sure that you work your shoulders, triceps and chest.  You can’t just work one part of the body and neglect the rest.  To have proper balance in the body you must work everything.  Working everything does not mean that you have to do a million exercises.  It simply means that you must do the correct exercises that will cover the most body parts all at once.  Knee supported pushups will do just that.  You will be in a pushup position but with your knees down to make it evsier for you.  You can start by doing 3 sets of 5 repetitions daily and work your way up from there.

These are just a few simple workouts for women at home that can help keep you looking fit.  Just remember that exercise is but a small piece of the puzzle to living a healthful life.  The goal here at private eye health is to build you up piece by piece.  You don’t become healthier by making quantum leaps.  You do so by performing small steps everyday.

Of course finish each and every exercise with a great cup or two of ReboundFx to replenish your body of the minerals and water loss during your workout! This is how to stay in super shape and keep your health going strong. Try Rebound Fx Today with your next workout and FEEL the difference!


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