Bad Knees Good Conditioning and Rebound Fx

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Get Healthier with Rebound Fx

I played college basketball 10 years ago and I like to think I was pretty good, even if it is only my opinion. I was healthy enough to avoid injuries and have a decent career. If there were anything to change, it wouldn’t be anything besides the coaches I happened to be coached by. For the most part I was an offensive player. I offended a lot of guys during my days in high school; and when the competition got steeper, I was told to be a defensive player. I defended and beat up a lot of guys during my college days. The good thing about it all was that I took the challenge from anybody.


I didn’t care who you were, who you were supposed to be or anything; if you got on the floor with me, you had to prove yourself to me all over again. Let’s fast forward, my playing days ended, and I relegated myself to Rec-ball and amateur leagues and with the business (busyness) of life I stopped playing all-together for long periods of time.


When life loosened its’ grip from my neck and I got back to playing, I realized I was a step slower and had bad tendinitis in my knees. It would take me nearly five to six days to recover from a single playing. I thought this was pretty weird and odd for a 29 year young guy (especially playing against guys older than me in some cases). So like I do for a lot of things, I sought my professional basketball playing buddies (experts in what I need help in). They gave me some pointers, some exercises to do in between, some stretches, and some dietary measures.


In particular, my bro Daylo told me to check out the products (supplements) of one doctor known as the mineral doctor and that those products will really help me go over the top. I listened because I was not happy with a five to six day turn around in recovery. That forced me to only play once a week…haha…what a joke. So I order the liquid multivitamin and also a sports drink equivalent (but superior to the leading sports beverages out there, Gatorade, PowerAde, Vitamin Water), and gave it a go for about a week.


The next time I played basketball, we played our normal amount of games and after words, I’m usually on the ground tired, trying to figure out how I’m going to get home, how I’m going talk my lady to let me out of house chores, but while all the guys were on the ground tired talking about nothing, I was on the court still shooting jump shots, dunking the ball and still ready to play more. To be honest, I did not know what it was, so I went on with my business. I had no soreness and I was ready to play the next day! It really was amazing.


The next week the same thing; I paid no real attention to why this was the case. The third week, it finally hit me that I was on those supplements and perhaps they were making the difference. I use to joke with brother and friends, that I was going to make one strong final push for the NBA. Now I was seriously thinking of making the move, because I felt that good.


The inflammation and tightness of my knees, joints, and back were non existent since I began on the products. My conditioning was great also. Because of this, I shared my story with a few “old-timers” around my community and it has not stopped. I think my success in health and my story has helped to sell over half a million dollars in products for this company over the last year alone.


I’m thankful for this and everything, and I want to let you know; if you can’t play at that all-star level you use to (in any sport you really enjoyed), you CAN get back there. These products are not going to be the saving grace to all problems. You will have to do other things that will make the combination work even better in a synergistic way. This includes eating better, exercising (simply walking, biking, and swimming), stretching, and thinking better. You will feel like a totally new person with more energy and vibrant feel to your step.


I’m happy to say good bye to bad knees, hello to good conditioning, and a life long relationship with Rebound Fx. To learn the exact combination of products I used to get back healthy and shine on the court like I did as a teenager, follow the FaceBook rebound fx page and ask about it there. God bless and cheers to being better.



Due Daniels