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Stress ESE Plus: Stress Management ActivitiesToday’s product from the Youngevity Products line comes from the Livinity Brand of products and if you’re someone who has to manage or take on a lot of stress due to work, kids, coworkers, or just a hectic busy schedule this simple product may be a good answer to your prayers. Stress ESE Plus is a great product to assist in fighting off the daily fatigues and daily stressors that seem to run so many people’s lives. In a world where you barely get five minutes to yourself, the stress and pressures of the world may be too much at times and counting to ten nice and slow is not going to solve the problem.

Look, the challenges that life comes with can cause real stress. Stress weakens or opens the doors to the immune system and you can get sick, including invite diseases all from being stressed out! Studies however, have shown the power of adaptogens (Adaptogens are plants that practitioners of herbal medicine claim decrease cellular sensitivity to stress.) that they are amazing in fighting stress.

Take Stress ESE Plus: Stress Management Activities

With this, Livinity created Stress ESE Plus. If you’ve been looking for stress management activities, taking an ounce of Stress ESE Plus may be your favorite activity of the day goings forward. While other people are getting up and looking like chickens with their heads cut off, you’re under control, relaxed on the inside and out and able to work comfortably through the day.

Additional things you can do to manage stress levels include:

Deep breathing exercises: Take seven deep breaths. Go outside for a quick break, much like the cigarette smokers do, but instead of having a cancer-stick, sit down and take seven deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Eyes closed and think about a calm Atlantic Ocean as you do. Works very good.

Dunk on someone: If you watch NBA basketball, you’ve heard of getting dunked on. The dunk is not the stress release, it is the yell you give after the dunk. Let out a good yell as if you’ve just dunked on someone.

Stress Management ActivitiesStress Management ActivitiesStress ESE Plus: Stress Management Activities

Use Stress ESE Plus: Stress Management Activities

These are both good stress management activities, one is calming while the other releases energy that if kept in may be taken out on unsuspecting people (including loved ones). Do one of these daily while taking an ounce of the Stress ESE Plus, and your stress levels will reduce ASAP.

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