Migraine Headaches Have New Device for Prevention

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Migraine Headaches Have New Device for PreventionThe Food and Drug Administration is at it again. The FDA has approved yet another drug, I’m sorry, a medical device that is aimed at preventing migraines.


It’s call the Cefaly. It operates by stimulating nerves beneath the forehead. It has a shape like a tiara, so ladies can use it as a fashion statement as well. That was a little humor.


I’m usually leary on anything the FDA says its okay, but because I’m sympathetic towards pain, I definitely think it is something to try while you’re looking for the natural way back to health being migraine-free.

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In a 67-person randomized controlled trial published in the journal Neurology last month, Cefaly reduced chronic migraine attacks on average by two per month, and 38% of users had at least a 50% reduction in their number of migraine episodes.


This device did not show that it would reduce the intensity of a migraine attack, but would reduce amount of episodes one has in a given month.


It is thought migraine headaches are the result of blood vessel problems. Not so. It is actually a result of food allergies, with the target tissue being the arteries.


The arteries constrict the elastic arteries in the brain and dilate the muscular scalp arteries.*


Headaches are hard to deal with, so I’m not saying go drug free, but use them with the idea in mind to be migraine-free with proper health education and practice.


Dr. Joel Wallach, cofounder of Youngevity, would suggest to take a food allergen test, avoid caffeine and sugars, as well as using the 90 for life nutrients.


Feel free to use the new Cefaly tiara headgear while you restore your health wholly!

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