Do a Little Dance Make a Little Love, Get Down Anorexia

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Do a Little Dance Make a Little Love, Get Down Anorexia
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The lyrics really say, “get down tonight…get down tonight,” but according to a new study released out of South Korea, it showed evidence that showing a little love may help people who suffer anorexia.


More specifically, the ‘love hormone’ known as oxytocin, which is produced when one is having an intimate kiss, when a mother is breastfeeding, during childbirth, and definitely during sexual intimacy; can reduce obsessive thoughts of food.


If this study pans to be true, the love hormone will be deemed to help quite a few people. For obsessive eaters who are obese, show a little love, and they may be able to get control of their disorder.

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Anorexia affects millions of people in the U.S. alone, with one in 200 women afflicted with the disorder, and with ten to fifteen percent of anorexia and bulimia sufferers being male.


The study only had 31 participants, and they were given a nasal spray filled with the hormone oxytocin. So it wasn’t a large study, but the results are the results. Once the spray hit the brain, participants had a reduced unconscious tendency to focus on “subject matters relating to food, fat, weight, and the disgust of others in society.”


Holistically, to beat any illness, one must at least be nutritionally fed, getting all the nutrients the body demands. This can always be done with the 90 for life packages, prayer, and meditation.


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