Youngevity, if it is known for one thing it is for its’ minerals.  Youngevity leads the way with it’s’ minerals combining a full 75-plus plant derived minerals in their nutritional supplement products.  Because their minerals are in colloidal form, it makes for easier absorption.

Youngevity minerals keep the company alive because many companies do not have access to the 75 plus minerals in a multi-vitamin product.  At best, they may have 50 to 60 and rarely are they totally in plant form.  Because Youngevity products, minerals cover the 60 minerals required in the 90 nutrients needed by the body, it allows consumers to get two-thirds of their nutrition for less than 25 dollars.

If you eat a good diet, and exercise well, you may be able to live well by just using the plant derived minerals.  The minerals are the key or the backbone to optimal health for disease prevention.  Keep Youngevity minerals in stock in your house as one of your primary products of consumption.


  1. This brand may be more expensive than smihteong cheap you can get at the drug store, but it is well worth it. There is a noticeable difference when taking these whole food vitamins. Yes, they are big. And yes, you have to take two of them. But it is well worth it. Even my integrative doctor recommends this brand.

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