Good News for Preventing a Stroke

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A study (due) to be presented at a conference later this year proposes that eating foods containing vitamin C, such as oranges, peppers, strawberries, papaya and broccoli, may be linked to a reduced risk for hemorrhagic stroke.

Studies like this are new to mainstream America, but not to those in the “underground” who pay attention to holistic health.

Good News for Preventing a Stroke

The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention, the CDC, labels stroke as the fourth leading cause of death in the United States where nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke every year and 130,000 die from them.

Good News for Preventing a Stroke
Vitamin C

There are two main types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke, by far the most common type. This is where a blockage in a blood vessel stops blood from getting to one or more parts of the brain. Serious stuff. It’s like have a instant shutdown of your computer.

Hemorrhagic stroke is much rarer but more deadly and occurs when a weakened blood vessel in the brain ruptures and allows blood to leak into and around the brain.

Either one is very very critical and it is scary stuff. The doctor (Dr. Stéphane Vannier, of Pontchaillou University Hospital in Rennes, France) who conducted the study was quoted as saying, “our results show that vitamin C deficiency should be considered a risk factor for this severe type of stroke as were high blood pressure drinking alcohol and being overweight in our study.”

The study compared 65 patients who had experienced a hemorrhagic stroke with 65 healthy counterparts.

Both groups took on blood tests checking their vitamin C levels. The results showed that 41% of all participants had normal levels, 45% had depleted levels, and 14% had levels so low they were considered deficient in vitamin C.

Participants who experienced stroke had depleted levels of vitamin C

However, on average, the participants who had experienced a stroke had depleted levels, while the ones who had not had a stroke had normal levels of vitamin C in their blood.

Dr. Vannier says more research is now needed to confirm the findings and find out how vitamin C works to reduce stroke risk.

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He suggests one way vitamin C might reduce stroke risk could be by reducing blood pressure, and he adds that vitamin C has other benefits, like helping to make collagen, a protein that gives structure to skin, bones and tissue.

If confirmed, the findings add to a growing body of evidence linking dietary factors to risk of stroke. In a study published in 2012, researchers found that consuming chocolate may lower risk of any stroke. They found men who ate the largest amounts of chocolate had a 17% lower risk of stroke than men who never or very rarely ate it.

Chocolate is not just for the ladies. Dr. Wallach’s healthy brain and heart pack will provide you more than enough vitamin C to make this study ashamed of itself, and still provide over 100 other nutrients that are very beneficial to supporting and promoting brain health and heart health. This will give you every honest fight in preventing a stroke*.

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