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Many people are into different things for different reasons. But one thing about people who become distributors of Youngevity or consumers of their products; the one thing about them is that they truly are trying to be healthy. Doctor Wallach’s minerals make all the difference. Sure people want to get healthy and are told about eating organic, taking supplements, vitamins, and different potions and miracle juices.

This is Youngevity’s staple, the education through Dr. Joel Wallach on health.

Youngevity's StapleYoungevity gets that and does that too, but the main thing Youngevity’s Products does that sets itself apart from everyone else is to truly educate people about why and how they should improve their health. This is Youngevity’s staple, the education through Dr. Joel Wallach on health. He has the radio show, the books, the DVD, and the very famous and popular info cassette tapes (now CD or mp3 audio).

Youngevity’s Staple is in their Minerals… and Info

Anyone who hears Dr. Wallach’s message for the first time is totally blown away! You’re blown away because for the first time in your life perhaps, you have the ability to put your health back into your own control. You can practice health habits with expected results and that is a truly great feeling. You’re not just going on blind faith, but you’re going on knowledge and full faith.

Make the decision you want health for yourself

I never forget how my body responded to Dr. Wallach’s products… it was amazing and I’m so grateful everyday. So yes, you will catch me drinking a soup of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Not to mention eating healthy chocolate, and drinking high octane antioxidants, and other nutrients that are helping my body. I feel great every day and so does my family and friends who have committed to their health. You can do the same things! All you have to do is follow a simply guideline…

  1. Make the decision you want health for yourself
  2. Get the information you need in order to have the knowledge for total health you desire
  3. Make the decision and commit to the process

When you do those simple three guidelines, as Doc (Dr. Wallach) would say, “you have every expectation to regain or maintain your health.” For a free consultation, contact us today and begin the road to better health based on knowledge.


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