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Why Do You Need Ultimate Enzymes for Better Food and Nutrient Absorption?

Enzymes are braced protein corpuscles that initiate chemical reactions in the body. Assorted hormones, vitamins and minerals call for enzymes to work decently. A deficiency in enzymes will result in a wide range of physical complications,

Youngevity Ultimate Enzymes
Ultimate Enzymes

degeneration, and even disease. Chronic ills ranging from diabetes, cancer, skin diseases to arthritis, allergies, immune deficiencies and many more are just but a drop of water in the ocean compared to the host of other diseases capable of developing based on the lack of enzymes.

Enzymes are contrived to boost the digestion and absorption of nutrients by your body. Did you know it is clinically established that the more enzymes you ingest the quicker your body can restore, repair and fortify? The pancreas, salivary glands and stomach produces digestive enzymes responsible for dissecting and absorbing food. Salivary glands in the mouth excrete amylase responsible for breaking down starch. Pepsin, responsible for the acidic environment in the stomach, denatures proteins, thereby digesting it. Bile produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder acts as an emulsifier enabling the fatty molecules to mix with water thereby facilitating their absorption.

Enzymes pancreatic lipase, trypsinogen and pancreatic amylase are produced in the pancreas. They are responsible for winding up the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Digestive enzymes supplements help the body reserve its own enzymes which can be used for other crucial body affairs such as repair and protection. A deficiency in digestive enzymes in food will result in using up to fifty percent of the body’s energy for digestion. Supplemental enzymes aid in reinstating the levels of the enzymes to their expected levels. In addition to meliorating food digestion, they help maintain the required pH levels in the body a low or high pH level in the body will impair food digestion.

This will in turn induce bloating and to some extent food allergies as the incompletely digested food is assimilated. Indirectly, digestive enzymes ensure the proper functioning of the colon, which in effect boosts food absorption. Digestive enzymes determine complete digestion of food. Fully digested food is then easily absorbed by the body. The amount of enzymes ingested greatly determines the digestive efficiency of your body. 5000 LU of lipase can break down 40 grams of fat. When a lesser amount is taken up, it therefore means that some of the fat will not be broken down.

Raw foods also contain enzymes that aid in their digestion. A clear example is papain found in the papaya plant and from the pineapples we have bromelain. Some microorganisms found in fermented foods also contain their own enzymes. Supplemental lactase helps to digest milk sugar and it comes in handy for individuals with lactose deficiencies.

Supplemental enzymes should be taken with food or immediately after a meal. These enzymes are easily absorbed by the body and when taken on an empty stomach will not be as beneficial. If you had to remove certain foods from your diet due to complications, a wide range supplemental digestive enzyme will work best for you. However it is highly advocated that individuals with health conditions, such as ulcers should consult a doctor before making use of these supplement. Enjoy a healthy diet.

To avoid bloating, belching, excessive gas, and heart burn use Youngevity’s Ultimate Enzymes with your meals. Try some today to take advantage of all the other benefits they help the body master. Ultimate Enzymes get yours Now!


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