Youngevity Maqui Plus Product

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The New Maqui Plus

COMING TO THE STAGE…The newest product in the Youngevity products family is the new Maqui.  Youngevity’s Maqui Plus™ is an abundant blend of tremendous fruits in a commanding Aloe Vera-based juice and is prepared to supply health-promoting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  A surprising great taste the kids will be asking for more.


These natural compounds sustain healthy aging (we’re all going to age, you may as well do it healthily), immune function (keep your immune in tip-top shape no matter what season you’re in), weight management (one of the biggest health travesties plaguing the US and the world) and many other aspects of health to help your body flourish and boom.


This is an excellent compliment to the Mighty-90 product pack!


Try some today! Visit how to order Youngevity products to learn how to order or go right online it is product number USYG100020.