Who’s Driving You to Work?

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Who’s Driving You to Work?For commuters everywhere, this may be a better question than, “what’s in your wallet?” This story was on the news boards and it caught my attention.


Accidents can happen at any time. When I drive my car, I’m not usually worried about my driving, but rather I driver wondering if the next man is driving responsibly.


The reason is because some people consciously get in a car and are determined to hurt others on the road. They do this by using alcohol or other substances that impair the mind, and they still pick up the keys and drive on the road.

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Others unconsciously hurt others on the road. They do so by having poor health habits, which can cause a problem at anytime, such as what happened on a Brooklyn bus route.


A city bus driver damaged nearly 25 cars as he was driving, he lost consciousness due to a stroke, this past Friday. This is why I ask, who is driving you?


There should be better screening for motor vehicle drivers, especially those operating heavy machinery. I would that all these machinery operators take the Brain and Heart Pak by Youngevity or use products with similar nutrients in their diet.


Luckily, no casualties occurred in this incident, just a few minor injuries. We hope the bus driver recovers quickly and that he stays better. It makes you think, who is driving you to work or your destinations. Someone in good health, or someone who is more likely to have a stroke or heart attack?


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