Can’t Stop the Shining, Can’t Stop the Aging

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Can’t Stop the Shining, Can’t Stop the AgingIf man were powerful at all, he’d do two things. He’d live forever, and live at an age where he is strongest, smartest, and most productive. I know I would! I’m still a young man now, but I’d still turn back the hands of time and go back to my early twenties in physical stature, and borrow the wisdom of my 80, 90, and 100 year young elders.


However, things do not work that way, and it is a good thing they don’t because we’d still have some gruesome figures still here on the earth tearing sh*t up for everyone else (excuse my intensity, it’s just my passion).


Since man hasn’t figured out how to biologically remain at age 21 forever, the next best options have been, think better, eat better, live better, and believe you are better. This works by the way.


The only downfall of it all is that, while you can feel 22, although you are 90, the truth of the matter is that, no matter what you will always look 40 and over, even when you’re 90!

Story: Heart Disease and Cancer Have New Hard Competition

People have done well, via natural stuff like the L’Elegance lotions (like a natural facelift), or through artificial surgical facelifts, and have made a 55 year young, appear as 35. These have bad side effects also, we’ve seen what plastic surgery has done to some beautiful celebs, turning them into gruesome looking specimens.


A US scientist, who’d recently challenged the US government to map the human genome a decade or so ago, and also created synthetic life (2010), is at it agains.


He is now on a quest to treat age-related disease. The first disease I hope he treats is his bald head, because then I would treat mine (I’m not bald I merely said that to make all bald men feel better).


Venter, 67, has teamed up with stem cell pioneer Dr. Robert Hariri and X Prize Foundation founder Dr. Peter Diamandis to form Human Longevity, a company that will use both genomics and stem cell therapies to find treatments that allow aging adults to stay healthy and functional for as long as possible.


I wish they would say, ‘stay healthy and functional for 30 years and then renew again’. As long as possible is not a definitive date!


There is an answer in Youngevity’s products, in the new telomere science, that can really help slow the aging process as we wait on Venter and his team to help us live as long as possible. The answer is in Youngevity’s new Imortalium.


You can learn about imortalium here


Till then, think better, eat better, live better, and believe you are better in (enter name of your God here) name. Have a great weekend.



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