Secrets to Anti-Aging Nutrition

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the anti aging nutrition wayEverywhere we go someone is looking to stay younger, look younger, and feel better. It is part of the human psyche. This is why people clamber to learn the secrets to anti-aging nutrition because it is no secret today; aging is sped up by the lack of nutrition. Many people hear nutrition and automatically think they just have to eat better. Wash down a couple of extra apples a day, they think, and eat a salad and be easy on the cake and ice cream and they are okay (they believe).

Unfortunately it takes a bit more effort than that. It takes actually knowing what you are giving your body and what you think about your body. Damien McSwine wrote a good article titled Positive Thinking and Health Secret Relationship and they do have a secret relationship that many people just have to come to grips with. If you really want to slow down and even halt the aging process, then you must concentrate on nutrients and your daily activity.

Staying active can be a challenge. Most people work dead in jobs that have them sitting at a desk doing mundane things. Others have constant work that put so much routine pressure on the knees, back, ankles, and feet that they are just worn out after a day’s work. I had the opportunity to be a day laborer working in warehouses, and a desk and computer worker.

Don’t laugh, but the desk job wore me out harder than the day laboring? The day laboring made my body tired, where I did not feel like doing much after work, but the desk and computer work I was forced to constantly be thinking, which is an underrated activity. I was mentally exhausted at the end of day and couldn’t do anything after work.

The idea here is to still come home even if you’re worn out and take a brisk walk for 15 to 20 minutes, alone or with your spouse or children. The walks exercise the body and help clear the mind; you’ll be amazed at how you feel. Since it handles two things for you (clearing the mind, and exercising the body) you get two fine ingredients in slowing the aging process. Truth be known, this is one of the secrets to anti-aging nutrition. Everything we give to our bodies we consume, be it thoughts, music, books, information, etc. A nice walk is very nutritional to our minds.

However that will not cut the mustard alone, real nutrients are also required. Early in the article I talked about people who think downing an extra apple or two will get them to their healthy-spot. Can you tell how many vitamins and minerals were in that apple; how about the amount of amino acids in your salad. When we eat without knowing the nutritional value of our foods, we are doing worse than people do in Las Vegas in terms of gambling.

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It makes more sense to get a nutritional supplement that will have all 90 of the required nutrients the body demands (or more even) and you take your supplements with your meals so your body gets all the active nutrients it needs. This way as you eat, you are sure to know you received your daily dose of the 16 vitamins, the 12 amino acids, and the 60 minerals you need daily. Anti-aging nutrition comes with knowing what to take, how to take it, and taking it consistently. Here is to health and wellness today and tomorrow.


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