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In light of some of the articles published here at Youngevity Products dot org, and other articles across the internet, concerning meat and cheese being bad for your health (in heavy consumption), emails have been filed in asking how do you get your protein?


It’s a great question because from media exposure, you’d think the only way to get protein was to go out and kill a fatted calf. In other words, we’ve been groomed to think protein is limited to meat and animal sources only.


But oh contraire, you can get your protein from a numeral of ways. Recently, I cut my meat intake from around 40, perhaps even 50 percent of my diet, down to maybe 10-20 percent of my diet. I’m not going to tell you how I feel, because it is obvious, I feel great, swifter, more energized, and well conditioned for the battle.


How am I making up the protein?


Truth of the matter is that, I like most others, cook my food, which reduces the actual live protein matter to begin with. Therefore, going from 50% to 10% is not much of a drop off in proteins as one would think.


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I went to a supplementative type of protein through Youngevity’s Protein Whey (meant as a meal replacer to help one lose weight). However, no one truly wants to live on meal replacers all their lives, so the meal (as in food replacement for meat include):


Chickpeas – excellent source of protein, it’s good on salads and good by themselves.


quinoa peas

Quinoa – an amazing grain, also loaded with protein. I had the quinoa and chickpeas in a salad and plantains for dinner. I had my carbs, veggies, and protein all at the table.


Pepitas are great also for protein, peanut butter, black beans, almonds, and the ‘almighty egg’. With slight modifications, you can get more protein into your diet than the heaviest meat eater, and not risk your health by forcing down animal protein.


Of course in all of this, be sure to supplement with the 90 for life to get all your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids the body needs everyday.



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