Predict Alzheimer’s Disease with Blood Test?

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Predict Alzheimer’s Disease with Blood Test?This is one of those scary test to take, like when someone sleeps around protection-less and then goes in for a HIV test. But a recent study taken from 500 or more healthy seniors found a predictive possibility of up to 90% accuracy of someone developing memory loss.


Many holistic doctors could do the same by simply looking at ones lifestyle and eating habits. Nevertheless, the study published in Nature Medicine said that the blood test is still years away from being an actual true and reliable marker.


But “potential” is the operative word here. “We are certainly getting closer to having a blood test for Alzheimer’s, which I thought was impossible five years ago,” said Dr. Robert Stern, director of clinical research of the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center. “But I predict it will take another five or ten years for one to become available.”


A blood test won’t show you anything right now, but being aware of this disease and the healthy choices you can make to get around it is imperative right now.


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