Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults

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Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults Everyday

Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults
Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults

You’ve probably saw the article out on YAHOO a couple days ago talking about knee replacements increasing among older adults; and if you’re an older adult this may be bothersome. The number of surgeries for knee replacement has skyrocketed over 160% in the last twenty years for Medicare recipients and that is almost scarey. In monetary terms, we’re talking about a five BILLION dollar tab and that doesn’t include gratuity and that five BILLION (sorry I gotta capitalize BILLION) is expected to continue to grow experts say. The USA has 77 million Baby Boomer and with 95% of people walking to the same drum beat, they are all ending up in a ditch with new knees after age sixty.


Doctors like to say people are living longer and that is the problem. Well that is true, but could knee replacement surgery be prevented with proper knowledge and health practices. Many doctors are saying yes, and many more are saying knee replacement is not the answer (at least not the first answer). Let’s deal with that for a moment; if someone has knee replacement surgery and they have life altering mindsets the recovery after surgery can be beneficial. You see something caused the knees to wear out and if you never identify the cause, replacements or not the problem still exist. If weight was the issue or excessive exercising then those need to be address. 

Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults Conspiracy or Not?

What is the main cause for knee replacements? Arthritis or osteoarthritis is the main cause, and the average MD acts like there is nothing more to do once this ailment shows up. The symptoms of joint noise, joint pain, swelling, and deformity are typical and your doc has limited answers if he is a traditional MD or a specialty. I mean I wouldn’t be so quick to let the cat out the bag if I went to school for 10 years for surgery and the study of the knee only to see people can fix their knees by themselves. I’d give the typical treatment most doctors give, which are aspirins, prednisone, and learn to live with discomfort.


The answer lies is dietary deficiencies; and even if your appointment for KNEE REPLACEMENT is tomorrow morning and you’re reading this at midnight; I’d postpone. Here’s why… calcium/phosphorus at a 2:1 ratio is needed in supplementation form. Vegetarians get close to fixing the arthritis problem, however a complication with “phytates” (a natural chelating substance found in plants) messes things up; it basically minimizes supplemented calcium. The ratios of calcium/phosphorus found in grains, red meat, organ meat, fish, or carbonated drinks are not the ration needed for the body to best absorb.


So while knee replacements are increasing among older adults, the way to reverse yours or vastly minimize your risk of it happening to you is to do a few things. First you need 2000 mg per day o f calcium (more if you eat meat two or more times a day). You have to have the phosphorus ratio correct as mentioned before, also take 1000 mg per day of magnesium. Cartilage (which is collagen, or glucosamine sulfate, or chondroitin sulfate) at 1000 mg t.i.d per day is also required. Essentially if you use a proper multivitamin such as (Youngevity Products by Dr. Joel Wallach) you can get the package that was put together specifically for knee replacement patients (for before or after surgery-if you found out after your surgery). 

How to Improve the Numbers of Knee Replacements Increasing

The supplements are not the admittance to the Kingdom of good knees, they are just the keys. You still have to identify what caused the problem and eliminate it. You may have to rotate foods, do food allergy test, note your exercises, take autoimmune urine therapy, which is useful for all types of arthritis. While on the road to recovery, the use of pain gels are beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain when applied topically.

Knee Replacements Increasing Among Older Adults
Knee Replacements On the Rise



And do not forget herbs such as alfalfa, which is very good in the aid to arthritis. If you put all this to practice you can reverse the hands of time like thousands of other have done using this regiment or one like it. All you have to do is make the decision not to give away your God-given knees and keep your mind firm and fixated on recovering naturally and I have every reason to believe you can do just that.


Knee replacements increasing for older adults can be scary if you’re an older adult without knowledge of an alternate option. Try anyone of the packages designed to reverse and aid arthritis recovery and save yourself pain, suffering, long recovery, and money! You deserve it.



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