Killer Biotic Fx

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Youngevity's Killer Biotic

If you are trying to stay clear of harmful bacteria, viruses, and the such, then this is a product you want to keep near to you.  This Youngevity product is a proprietary compound of immune enhancing nutrients including Bee Propolis produced by Killer Bees of the Columbian Jungles.


Supplement Facts: Propolis is a powerful Natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent which bees collect from the surrounding plants, to keep their hives free of bacteria, yeasts and molds.  If it is good enough for the killer bees, it certainly good enough for me.


It works well, and whenever I catch a cold, this product knocks it out in a day or two at most.


This complex product also incorporates a proprietary blend of Mushroom extracts as well a Bovine Colostrum for added benefits. For best results, we suggest using this product as part of a full spectrum nutritional program that also includes Majestic Earth® Ultimate and Ultimate EFA™.


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