JavaFit Coffee by Youngevity

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Javafit Coffe
JavaFit Original Roast Arabica Coffee

I’ve always stayed away from coffee because of the myth and rumor that coffee stunts your growth. I DO NOT know where that myth came from. However, after trying coffee, I confirmed I did not like it or did not want it to be an ongoing beverage in my life. But after tasting the new Youngevity product line of JavaFit coffee, I can have a cup once a day now.

JavaFit’s total bean coffee is a pleasing get up call to a tasty gourmet flavor. It is made with premium quality beans and selected for a full-bodied, yet smooth flavor; you can take pleasure in an entire pound of the inspiring taste and commanding aroma that only the world’s best beans can produce. A premium-roasted blend of 100% Latin American gourmet beans, Youngevity’s (JavaFit) regular blend as an extraordinarily full-bodies savor with a tantalizing taste and unbelievable aroma.

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