Home Cooked Meals Says the First Lady

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Home Cooked Meals Says the First LadyMichelle Obama, First Lady of United States, has come back on the scene encouraging youth and families to enjoy home-cooked meals. The first lady is encouraging families to sit around the dinner table to home cooked meals. Instead of ordering pizza or getting fast food she is preaching to have a home cooked meal.


We all know the benefits of having a home cooked meal, it is generally healthier. It is also cheaper than eating at a restaurant or taking food out.


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Just think if you went grocery shopping and look at all of the ingredients and all the processing added to most food, you would have a better chance knowing the ingredients in your home cooked meal than restaurant meals. At the very least you’d have more control over the ingredients.


Also having a home cooked meal encourages family time for you and your children and spouse, to learn about their day. This gives you more connection with your family especially in a world where everybody is in their own world throughout most of the day; many families only meet to say good night and I love you (sometimes).


Television cooks or TV culinary cooks are teaching families how to make meals in a much timelier fashion. Most families have the legitimate concern that eating out is a result of trying to save time. In light of everyone’s busy schedule, most families tend to go to the microwave or to fast food as an answer to save time.


This does not have to be the case with meals that are as simple and as healthy to produce in 15 minutes or less. First Lady Michelle Obama wants to encourage people to take a pass on the “quick fix” with the take out and sit down to a home cooked meal with their families on a more consistent basis.


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She has successfully implemented the Let’s Move initiative, now “let’s sit at home and eat together as a family” initiative is taking place. Youngevity has just introduced GoFoods, which is a completely healthy brand of foods that would help you prepare meals that are completely healthy GMO free and allows you to sit at home with your families and eat.


Great job First Lady great job longevity.


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