Have High Blood Pressure?

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Have High Blood Pressure?Do you or someone you know have high blood pressure? There is really many answers on the web and around the world that can assist you with this complication. Typically when you have high blood pressure it may because of your eating habits and the things that you consume on a daily basis. Often times it has been thought that if you have a high temper, and you get upset very quickly and harshly then that will increase your blood pressure. Hence the statement  or quote, “you have got me mad and raised my blood pressure!”

A Chinese study found that blood pressure fell in 14 of 16 individuals that were just giving something as simple as celery to eat.

The reality is that if you have high blood pressure or hypertension it is because of your diet; and not just what you are consuming but what you are not consuming. People who have hypertension or high blood pressure are typically people who eat excessive amounts of red meat, but they also have a very low intake of a very important mineral known as calcium. When you balance out and increase your calcium intake and also increase the amount of water you drink, lowering the amount of heavy red meats you consume you will see over a period of time your blood pressure will reduce and normalize (check with your doctor).

Have High Blood Pressure?

If you add to this lifestyle change, omega-3 fatty acids or essential fatty acids overall you will see even better results. In order to effectively normalize and reduce high blood pressure you must first target and produce a higher potassium rate and calcium and both are very important minerals to improving the reduction of hypertension. You should definitely add spinach or any other green leafy vegetables to your diet and if you are going to deal with meat as well, stay on the fish, chicken or turkey side of things for a while to help speed the process of lowering your blood pressure.

 Have High Blood Pressure?

A Chinese study found that blood pressure fell in 14 of 16 individuals that were just giving something as simple as celery to eat. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are taking medicines for it, of course you must continue to take your medicine but make these minor changes in your life; reduced the red meat, incorporate more water, and get a healthy multivitamin (rich in calcium and potassium) much of one you can get from YoungevityProducts.org and of course include more green leafy spinach type vegetables in your diet and you should see results.


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