Herbal Rainforest of Youngevity Products

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The Herbal Rainforest releases the power of botanicals in a pleasant tasting liquid supplement!  For you all who love herbal remedies, this great product will be a nice one to keep in your household collection.


Herbal Rainforest

Herbal Rainforest™ conglomerates the nutrients from 16 herbs along with the rich Plant Derived Minerals, a liquid mineral concentrate of up to 77 minerals from primal plants in their unchanged colloidal form.  The Herbal Rainforest™ product has a pleasurable mango savor that can be consumed •as is™ or enhanced with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

This supplement is a winner and as long as you have this along with the Mighty 90, you’re a sure in to keeping your health in the right proportions.  Here is to your health from Youngevity Products.org – to try the Herbal Rainforest you can visit www.theMineralMan.YoungevityOnline.com and the product number is 13205 or get the Herbal Rainforest Here

Don’t know how to order visit how to order Youngevity products page and watch the short video!