Habit Breaking and Habit Forming Ticket to Better Health

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Habit Breaking and Habit Forming

Improving your health basically comes down to breaking bad habits that you may have formed for years on in and replacing them with good. Much harder to say than to do, but it is the focal point. The very first day you went to church and the elder lady was passing out candy out of her sweet kind heart, you never got her name, you and the kids just called her the “candy lady,” that piece of candy ignited a tradition of bad habits for you.

If candy tastes this good, what about cupcakes, pies, etc. That’s not where the bad habits end. You realized through your central taste system and sense (popularly known as taste buds), that downing a greasy, cheesy, bready slice of pizza went through your taste system better than fresh broccoli picked from the garden.

Your Ticket to Better Health – Habit Breaking and Habit Forming

The pizza made you feel cooler, you didn’t say, “It’s Friday night, let’s order some mixed vegetables,” no way, you said let’s order a pizza with the works! The works meant every piece of meat the world could offer, needed to be placed on the pizza. So eating unhealthily was also cooler than eating healthy. I never forget, I was at a gas station about two or three years ago. There was a guy on the motorcycle, wearing blue jeans, white shirt, and he had the baddest Harley Davidson I’d seen. With no helmet on, he revved the engine, and man was it loud. Once he revved that bike, all eyes in the station were planted and fastened on him.

It was the baddest and coolest thing I’d seen in awhile; I nearly thought I was on the set of a movie.

He sat back, lit a cigarette, took two good drags, blew them out, and then just let the cigarette hang in his mouth flimsily, as he revved up, and accelerated out of the station, completely avoiding all stop signs, onto the main street (a busy one may I add), and off into the sunset he went! It was the baddest and coolest thing I’d seen in awhile; I nearly thought I was on the set of a movie. As I watched him disappear, I remember my initial thought. Instead of going to buy gas, let me go in and get some cigarettes, and start saving for a Harley D motorcycle!

Can you imagine that!

That is how cool that was, but when I came back to my right mind, I realized as probably you do too, that the man I thought was so bad and cool, was probably silently crying out for help. He was borderline suicidal. He was smoking cigarettes, riding a two wheeler high speed machine, wearing no helmet, and disobeyed all driving rules as he flew out of the station! That guy was nuts, or as we say in Chicago, nuts on Clark. Things that seem cool, and are easy become easier to form into habits. However, when you are attempting to regain your health because of a diagnosis or prediagnosis, you need to get back to habit breaking and habit formations.

No thoughts, just do it!

You need to break old bad habits, and replace them by forming new good habits. In the beginning of forming the good habits, you have to be like a machine. You can’t think about eating the apple as the afternoon snack, you need to pick it up and devour it! No thoughts, just do it! You can’t think about getting your minerals and taking your nutrients, you have to have a timer on your watch or phone that says, “9AM TAKE YOUNGEVITY PRODUCTS NOW!

And you go do it like a zombie that’s been programmed. After a few days, and weeks, these things will become second nature to you and you will improve your health. Another habit is to engage other people; help others. As you’re growing, you’re learning and people are welcoming your help. Habit breaking and habit forming is your ticket to better health… and really a better anything! God bless!


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