Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club

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I know, I know, that is not a great title, but due to the nature of this article, we just gotta roll with the punches. Constipation plagues a lot of people. The funny thing is that it is easily correctable if people just make the decision to get unconstipated. I remember Ben Fuchs (Former Pharmacist now Nutritionist) say that if you’re constipated, all you have to do is stop eating. If you add water to the mix, you’ll improve that much faster; but if you’re like most people (sometimes myself included) and you don’t like fasting; a simple remedy as fasting is not up your alley.

Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club
Nice Club Huh


Health experts will tell ya that if you’re not going to the bathroom club at least three times a day for (clearing throat) bowel movements, you’re just not as healthy as you think. And further, you are officially constipated. If you’re a one a day that is okay, but if you find yourself moving only once or twice a week, you need to check out what you’re doing for such results. First off, you’re probably uncomfortable, and you’re doing damage; like setting yourself up for cancer. Food into the system needs to go out of the system. No person uses up all the food they intake. Your body uses the nutrients and stores sugar and fats, but dumps the rest through your fantastic disposal system God made.

Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club

Therefore, food in, garbage out is a clockwork routine and necessity for the human body. How do you fix the problem? It is very simple! This may be too much information (TMI) but a friend of mine and I use to walk a mile a day. We did this simply to talk with each other and clear our minds from the stressful day or just get away from the days events. Everyday we did this, I’d come back from that 30 minute walk and have to go to the bathroom club. Let’s say I had my salad and dinner before the walk, take the walk, come back and I was shaking hands with the toilet handle. I know I could have spared you the details…

Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club
Now walk it out


The point is that walking is a great way to get the system up and running. Go for a lovely walk or perform a mild exercise and you’re sure to help your system do what it needs to get back to regular movements. So we have drinking more water and taking a nice 30 minute walk to help you get back to regular. You can also stop eating and get more sleep (form of fasting). The next thing you should incorporate is to look out for any food allergies or offending foods. Usually diary will do that to most people. I’ve read where cheese and milk products act as glue in the intestines (yuck). If this is so, foods you eat are getting stuck to your intestines and grow hard and solid, thus hard to get out of the system.


This is when you need to get back and make adjustments like you’re in a 7 game series. Remove offending foods! “But, you don’t understand, I love her (talking about a particular food),” I do understand, but she’s going to kill you and make you uncomfortable in the process. However, you can find ways to make the marriage work! The bottom line is that we all need to join the bathroom club and go there three times a day in order to prevent and/or remove constipation from our lives!


Action Steps:

  • Drink 8-10 cups of water per day
  • Add fiber and protein 30 minutes before your meals (or use Youngevity’s Fiber Product)
  • Get in 4 to 6 cups of live foods vegetables per day
  • Walk for 30 minutes a day or lite exercise
  • Use herbs such as castor oil senna leaves or buckthorn
  • Use the Beyond Tangy Tangerine (acts as a cleanser because of the 115 fruits and vegetables in it)


You’re on your way to be regular, and everyone at the club will know your name! To speed up your digestion; get the healthy digestion pack!


Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club


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