Best Use of Youngevity Products

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Best Use of Youngevity ProductsFrom time to time, I’m asked what is the best use of Youngevity products, and I have to be real or very transparent in sharing this because I know some people can’t hear it. Most people have numbers that stand at the door of their ears. They also have a lifestyle or regiment that stands at the doors of their mind and these numbers and lifestyle block things. These numbers and lifestyle are nothing more than price and habits. Because many people are limited in the amount of money they have or earn, and have been taught very little as it pertains to personal health, these people place no value on their very own lives. “ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS,” they scream when it comes to buying nutrients that can improve their health.

Here is the Best Use of Youngevity Products

However they can go out on the town and easily spend the same $100 dollars on worthless material, entertainment, or worse chemicals that will degrade the body. Once people are able to get the bodyguard of numbers from before their face, then they can move forward and receive the blessings dropped down from the windows of heaven. This is how I recovered and maintain my own personal health, it is from not getting caught up on cost and habits when it comes to my health. With all this being said, how do we get the best use of Youngevity products?

Good Full Body and Colon Cleanse

The first thing any health practitioner, dietitian, or health guru will tell you is for you to clean up shop. The first thing for you to do is to clean up the house so that you can give the body a chance. The chance you want to give the body is the chance at having the highest absorption rate of the nutrients you give. There is no point in consuming nutrients if the body cannot receive them. Completing a full body cleanse, or at the very least a thorough colon cleanse, you’ll be able to absorb more of your nutrients and keep better health. Youngevity has the Five Day Cleanse and also the Herbal Formula as body cleanses and detox.

Use the Healthy Start, Mighty 90 as the Baseline

Once you have fully cleansed the body, the next step is to use the Healthy Start or (Mighty 90) to give yourself all the nutrients you need. This way you will be getting your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. With Youngevity’s products you will give yourself over 90 percent absorption rate and will feel differences as it pertains to Youngevity 5 Day Cleanseimprovement much more quickly. When you don’t feel higher energy levels, improved overall feeling, you simply are not getting the nutrients in full and this is why a good cleanse would do well before you start on any products. Another tip is to modify the diet where you are not consuming as much meat and carbs as before and you are consuming more fruits and veggies.

Add Additional Products

If you have a disease or ailment, this is a good time to talk with a knowledgeable Youngevity associate or call into Dr. Wallach’s radio show and find out what minerals and supplements can be taken in addition to the Healthy Start/Mighty 90 to help eliminate or reverse the disease more quickly if it is possible to reverse that particular ailment. For instance, the Sweet Eze could be added to the Healthy Start to aid the reversal or maintenance of diabetes or blood sugar problems. Gluco Gels could be added to the Healthy Start to assist the restoration of ligaments, tendons, and cartilage damage for improved joint function.

Eat Full Breakfast and Use the Mighty 90

The best way to take your supplements are with your meals. Eat a nice hearty full breakfast and take your minerals with your breakfast. In addition, take vitamins and minerals with each meal and you might include Youngevity’s ultimate enzymes for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Most products are best taken shortly before you eat (15-30 minutes), shortly after (15-30 minutes), or during your meals. Products that are not to be taken with meals will say so on the product package, such as the HGH Formula, which is to be taken before you sleep.

The last thing you can do to get the best use of Youngevity products is to rest one day. Take a page from the Good Lord and rest on the seventh day where you take no supplements. I personally do this to give my body a chance to “chill out” and use its own natural immune work to revamp my system. I also do this on days I choose to fast from food and/or water. Different people have different methods, but this I believe is a great generalization of what most people are doing who use Youngevity’s products and you can incorporate this into your daily regimen to get the best use of Youngevity products. I’m Due Daniels…signing off

Due Daniels
PS: Please leave a comment with what  you do or other practices you know of that are helpful to get the best use of Youngevity’s products!

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