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ADHD newsRecently there have been a bit of talk about ADHD in the news, primarily asking if children should be on them even if they do not display behavioral disorder patterns. Well if you are nuts then the answer is yes! But if you know about putting harmful chemicals in the body and the affects that can have on you (AND YOUR CHILDREN), then I beg you not to believe all the nonsense out there.


Yesterday I was on the phone with a remarkable young lady who told how her son was a straight “A” student but was suggested, by his teachers, school nurse, and doctors, to take ADHD medicine for his behavioral outburst. She proceeded with the suggestion and put her son on the medicines and watched his grades sink and observed his mood go from the lively young man he was to somber disinterested young boy. She also saw that he was nearly depress as he verbally told his mother that he felt like he was in a depression, and did not want to use the drugs any longer. This is when we received a call!

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We suggested to her to drop the drugs and instead give her son a nutritional boost in vitamins and minerals (primarily minerals) and really watch his sugar intake and by that we mean to lessen it nearly to zero, so he is not being affected by sugar. We have him using Youngevity products:

We have every expectation to see a dramatic turn around because nutritional deficiencies are a big part of the problem when it comes to ADHD. If you have your children on drugs for ADHD, I am recommending to ditch the drugs and try the above supplements along with avoiding soda, sugary juices, sugar, and margarine for cooking and watch the change that comes with your child. It is a beautiful thing when we allow nature to take its’ natural course (with full faith of course).

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