3 Reasons For Taking Multivitamins Today

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Are multivitamins really required? Tests are showing that they are for vibrant health today. There are three particular reasons why and I’ll cover them in this brief article. As another note, there are plenty of them to choose, so I want the information in this article help you make that difficult decision.


Scam artists and marketers have figured out how to capitalize in the health and wellness industry. They’ve done this by catering to the baby boomers and the following generations. They know that baby boomers and all people want to stay alive, fit, young, and active. So a little marketing message and boom, your money is in their hands and their bad product is in your system.


The 3 primary reasons for taking a multivitamin for men over a certain age, is principally because they are indispensable. Reason one is because of the way people cook their foods. Years back before the gas and electric stoves, people use wood burning stoves to cook their foods. They raised their own cattle and plants, veggies and fruits.


After our ancestors finished cooking their meal, they would take the wood ashes left and sprinkle through the garden. This was the fertilizer and it was rich in minerals that the tree pulled from the earth. This is how our ancestors took their vitamins and minerals without having to pop a pill as we’re suggesting today.


There are gas stoves and electric stoves, and although much more convenient we must ask how do we get our minerals? Farmers are doing it for us right? Nope! They are into the new industrial age just as most every other citizen. Farmers are using potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus as their main three ingredients to grow food. This may suit a plant, but it is not enough for humans.


This will hit home a bit clearer if you look up the United States Senate Document 36 under the USDA (Department of Agriculture). The document will detail the nutrients in our soil are not as nutritious as they were a couple hundred years ago. There are reasons for this, but primarily in the way we are planting. Our foods are not in their full strength any longer. We are losing nutrients and so are our livestock.


The last reason for people to take a good multivitamin is because it is required. Studies show and doctors have researched the body necessitates over 90 nutrients. The nutrients are essential fatty acids (EFA), amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Minerals are two-thirds of the required nutrients. Even if you had the most well-balanced diet and it was extremely healthy, could you ever be sure you were getting all 90 nutrients? Of course not, this is why it is wise to supplement with a reputable multivitamin that does include all 90.

The world is yours when it comes to choosing a multivitamin. There are thousands at your finger tips. Just remember to select a multivitamin that includes all 90 nutrients. If you’re into liquid supplements, the EFA’s will probably come separate because they do not dissolve well in liquid vitamins. Also be aware of cheap synthetic supplements. Go for organic and it will be best to go to a health store or company that focuses on health. Cheap supplements will go through the body unused. I recommend liquid multivitamins because they absorb much better in the body than pills.


We all need to start or maintain our supplement regiments. As we get older our bodies require it even more. Supplementing will help you stay young and ward off disease. Because of the way we cook and the lack of knowledge of the soil, diseases are spreading at rapid rates. These can be helped or even reversed with proper nutrition beginning with proper supplementation of minerals and vitamins. Weight loss and management is an easy bid if we simply stay active and supplement appropriately. Taking multivitamins need to be the next habit you develop.



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