Benefits of Drinking More Water and How to Start

Some people absolutely hate drinking water. They have to add some type of flavoring, coloring, or sugar to their water in order to drink. This certainly causes more problems for people than not.   Water is essential to to life. You probably cannot go without water for more than 7 to 10 days. Your body […]

New Tequila Sweetener To Help Diabetes

It does amaze me how every little thing that comes up people run to make a corny declaration that “this new thing” will help fight against a certain disease.   Nevertheless, for over 40 years people like Dr. Joel Wallach and other doctors and health researchers have been proclaiming from the mountain tops and from […]

More Reasons to Not Eat Meat: Laced with LSD

My mother told me this weekend that she will continue to drive 2 hours south of Chicago to a farmer who sells her live chicken and goat that she visually sees taken alive. She visually watches the chickens and goats killed, and she visually observes the blood in the meat.   She visually watches the […]

Makeover Coming to Nutrition Labels

Coming soon to a store near you will be a nutrition labeling makeover. That is right… a makeover is coming to nutrition labels by the slimy FDA to make it easier to read labels in stores. It is to make it easier to see certain nutrients in the nutritional facts on the back of products. […]

Seth Rogen Leaves Hollywood to DC for Alzheimer’s Plea

I always thought you couldn’t take comedians serious because they are always making people laugh. However, most comedians have a very serious side to them. In fact, most of their monologues are making fun of serious topics based on their observations (of course adding spunky humor to it).   This is the case with Seth […]

Steve Jobs to Grace USPS with Stamp in 2015

The United States Postal Service is hoping Steve Jobs (in death) can do what he did (in life) for Apple. They are hoping he can help the revenues of the United States Postal Service, by gracing him with a stamp that will be ready in 2015. Steve Jobs lived a great life and left a […]