Who’s Driving You to Work?

For commuters everywhere, this may be a better question than, “what’s in your wallet?” This story was on the news boards and it caught my attention.   Accidents can happen at any time. When I drive my car, I’m not usually worried about my driving, but rather I driver wondering if the next man is […]

Intense Workout Leads To Hospitalization

Working out too hard for your bodies level is not wise. At times we feel like we can do what everyone else is doing. We see our friends exercising, you know the fitness nuts or we see some random people on TV able to work out and we believe that we have the same capability. […]

Getting Our Health Together

Due Daniels talks about how he gets his health together and how you can also by following a very basic guideline of health. The name of the game is activity and nutrients; and following this outline can really help you starting today! Listen in.

Youngevity’s Staple

Many people are into different things for different reasons. But one thing about people who become distributors of Youngevity or consumers of their products; the one thing about them is that they truly are trying to be healthy. Doctor Wallach’s minerals make all the difference. Sure people want to get healthy and are told about […]

Constipation: Join the Bathroom Club

I know, I know, that is not a great title, but due to the nature of this article, we just gotta roll with the punches. Constipation plagues a lot of people. The funny thing is that it is easily correctable if people just make the decision to get unconstipated. I remember Ben Fuchs (Former Pharmacist […]

You Have to Give Your Health a Fair Shake

With our health, we normally do not give ourselves a fair shot. You have to give your health a fair shake! Giving yourself a fair shot is the make or break in most situations. The secret to giving yourself the best possible shot at success with your health is to have faith in yourself, to […]

Best Use of Youngevity Products

From time to time, I’m asked what is the best use of Youngevity products, and I have to be real or very transparent in sharing this because I know some people can’t hear it. Most people have numbers that stand at the door of their ears. They also have a lifestyle or regiment that stands […]