More Doctors Leaning Away from Saturated Fats as the Bad Guy

Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, or high blood pressure. The real blame is a high carbohydrate diet and refined sugars, according more doctors.   The jury is coming out as more traditional doctors are starting to follow naturopathic doctors in understanding that saturated fats do not cause cardiovascular disease.   As […]

My Quick Rant on the Use of Supplements

It’s like the fight on religion. You don’t believe in God or you do. Speak your peace, and recruit but don’t get mad that people are recruiting against God. Likewise, if you don’t believe in God, don’t get upset that people do and recruit others to their belief.   If you love supplements, and want […]

Ultimate Prost Fx

If you have a male family member approaching age 50 and above and they eat a SAD (standard American diet), then most doctors will say they are at risk for having prostate problems, enlarged to developing cancer.  While this is pretty simple to fix and maintain, you still need to know how. Within Youngevity products, […]