Exercising the Fun and Healthful Way

Just you and your podcasts, listening to your favorite show. One of the things that makes life very difficult for people trying to keep healthy or to regain their health is exercising.   There are many ways to exercise. You could be the extreme exerciser, making grunts and sounds as you lift weights at the […]

Do You Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories?

Do you believe in medical health conspiracy theories? Apparently you are not alone. A recent survey revealed nearly 50% of American adults believe that our government, along with corporations, have a partnership involvement in at least one conspiracy to cover up health information.   That is kind of funny and worrisome at the same time, […]

Youngevity Products Alex Jones

If you just finished listening to Alex Jones on the radio of his info wars show, then you are probably blown away, especially when he has a discussion with Dr. Joel Wallach (the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie guy). Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and exploiting a lot of “bad business-bad politics” going […]