Flu Killing Hundreds in California

Perhaps the flu shot did not do so well in California this winter. The reality is that over 300 people in California have died from the flu this year alone, and we just got to March three days ago. The age range in the deaths has been from 65 years of age and down, which […]

Imortalium™ Product Info Video

Imortalium™ is a breakthrough in anti-aging with nutrients that support telomere health; the biological clocks inside every cell. By keeping our telomeres healthy and extending the lifespan of our cells, we may be able to live a longer, healthier life.   Watch this exclusive video to learn how Imortalium™ will change the face of anti-aging! […]

Flu Season 2012/2013 to Be a Doozy

Flu Season 2012/2013 to Be a Doozy Medical forecasters are already predicting this year’s flu season be one full of running noses, coughs, itchy throats, and days off from work and school. That headline alone is enough to spark pandemonium to the general public to do what…? Run to their local pharmacy and get their […]

Want to Win a Nobel Prize Eat Dark Chocolate

Of all the chocolate research out there, the most unabashed tribute to the “dark gold” has to be a study just published in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals. Attention, please… The higher a country’s chocolate consumption, the more Nobel Prize winners it spawns per capita, according to findings released in the New […]

Cell Shield Reviews from Youngevity Products

Cell Shield RTQ shows a great product. Most people are aware of the influence that antioxidants have on their overall health. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to include powerful antioxidants to their routine diet on a regular basis. This is not only expensive but also time consuming. Trying a ‘super’ supplement that […]