Depression Heart Failure Related

Large study is suggesting that depression may increase the risk of future heart disease and failure. Data from nearly 63,000 people in Norway over 11 years reared that mild depression was linked to at least a five percent (5%) increase in the risk heart failure in the future.   If you have moderate to severe […]

Do a Little Dance Make a Little Love, Get Down Anorexia

The lyrics really say, “get down tonight…get down tonight,” but according to a new study released out of South Korea, it showed evidence that showing a little love may help people who suffer anorexia.   More specifically, the ‘love hormone’ known as oxytocin, which is produced when one is having an intimate kiss, when a […]

Pfizer Recalls Antidepressant Reports of Wrong Drug in Bottle

Here we go again, mental errors that can be life threatening for millions. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical prince, is recalling antidepressant drugs after reports of packaging the wrong drug in the right bottles.   Effexor XR antidepressant along with another generic form is being recalled after a pharmacist reported finding one capsule of a different medicine […]

Got a Hot Head? Risk Possible Heart Attack!

You probably have heard people associate their temper or their anger to raising their ‘high-blood-pressure’ but it may be truer than you thought. I remember the ole ladies in my neighborhood growing up yelling at their kids or someones kids, with the attached quote; “y’all going to raise my high blood pressure, got me yelling […]

Predicting Teenage Depression Risk

A tool for predicting the risk of clinical depression in teenage boys has been developed by researchers. Looking for high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and reports of feeling miserable, lonely or unloved could find those at greatest risk. The reason I took interest in this story is because I was watching a documentary […]