Treating Infertility Naturally and Safely

Today we are going to talk infertility. Infertility is usually caused by a nutritional deficiency of sorts. According to Dr. Joel Wallach and most naturopaths in the medical industry have “cured” several hundred cases of infertility by simple supplementation of vitamins and minerals trace minerals and digestive aids. Typically when people have infertility problems they […]

Trying to Lose Weight: Watch Your Habits

Trying to Lose Weight Your Habits Will Determine Your Success or Failure I changed my habits after watching Sugar the Bitter Truth lecture and I started to watch my sugar intake and didn’t allow any sugar besides Cane Juice. I only ate when I was really hungry, and I loaded up on my supplements. For […]

Thoughts to Better Health Actions to Better Results

  In the world today, people are learning very quickly that your thoughts are the engine to the soul. Your thoughts lead you to your actions and those actions will garner or gather your results. Therefore if you want better results, it won’t help to take extreme hard actions, but instead to prepare positive vibratory […]

Getting Our Health Together

Due Daniels talks about how he gets his health together and how you can also by following a very basic guideline of health. The name of the game is activity and nutrients; and following this outline can really help you starting today! Listen in.