Have High Blood Pressure?

Do you or someone you know have high blood pressure? There is really many answers on the web and around the world that can assist you with this complication. Typically when you have high blood pressure it may because of your eating habits and the things that you consume on a daily basis. Often times […]

Youngevity’s Staple

Many people are into different things for different reasons. But one thing about people who become distributors of Youngevity or consumers of their products; the one thing about them is that they truly are trying to be healthy. Doctor Wallach’s minerals make all the difference. Sure people want to get healthy and are told about […]

Fresh Off Another Successful Youngevity 2013 Convention

Youngevity just completed another great convention in their 2013 Convention in Las Vegas. I’m not here to tell you, you should have been there, because I should have been there. I received phone call after phone call from business associates who went and they told me it was the best event they’d ever been to. […]