Are Energy Drinks Harmful?

A study suggested it, but the study failed to tell people what was the cause of energy drinks causing high blood pressure and bad heart rhythems. We know too much of anything can turn against someone and become bad, but we really need to know what we need to know about energy drinks. Are energy […]

Poor Health Habits in the Subconscious

This is a video podcast featuring author and natural health advocate Damien McSwine, on the Healthy Wednesday podcast with Due Daniels. Damien joins us all the way from Costa Rica, as he is doing research there on the blue-zone and also for general and natural health purposes. I’m sure this podcast will helpful to you […]

You Have to Give Your Health a Fair Shake

With our health, we normally do not give ourselves a fair shot. You have to give your health a fair shake! Giving yourself a fair shot is the make or break in most situations. The secret to giving yourself the best possible shot at success with your health is to have faith in yourself, to […]