Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is a video from NBA All-Star Kevin Love and his barber, and he wants to make people aware of breast cancer. Youngevity and Dr. Wallach have done a lot over the years to help women prevent this and treat it naturally mainly with Doc’s research along with his research on selenium and how it […]

Want to Win a Nobel Prize Eat Dark Chocolate

Of all the chocolate research out there, the most unabashed tribute to the “dark gold” has to be a study just published in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals. Attention, please… The higher a country’s chocolate consumption, the more Nobel Prize winners it spawns per capita, according to findings released in the New […]

Obesity Solutions Revealed

If you’re someone who struggles with weight, and it has been very difficult for you to lose weight or keep it off, then I want you to read this short article very attentively. In this short article, obesity solutions will be revealed if you are consciously paying attention. Most people get caught up in different […]


Recently there have been a bit of talk about ADHD in the news, primarily asking if children should be on them even if they do not display behavioral disorder patterns. Well if you are nuts then the answer is yes! But if you know about putting harmful chemicals in the body and the affects that […]