Youngevity Multivitamin

Youngevity has such a rich array and variety products that we might forget that all of Youngevity’s supplements are at the basic level multivitamins.  If you are in need of a rich, healthy, vital multivitamin, then looking into Youngevity’s vault of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins may be your best bet. […]

Slender Fx Food Fiber

– Many health experts consider optimal health starts with a hale and hearty digestive tract, and so do I. Slender FX™ Food Fiber a Youngevity product, is a low-glycemic-index, proprietary blend of prebiotic fiber to sustain digestive health.  Simply increasing your daily fiber intake may promote healthy weight loss and blood sugar levels, as well […]

Killer Biotic Fx

If you are trying to stay clear of harmful bacteria, viruses, and the such, then this is a product you want to keep near to you.  This Youngevity product is a proprietary compound of immune enhancing nutrients including Bee Propolis produced by Killer Bees of the Columbian Jungles.   Supplement Facts: Propolis is a powerful […]

Ultimate Prost Fx

If you have a male family member approaching age 50 and above and they eat a SAD (standard American diet), then most doctors will say they are at risk for having prostate problems, enlarged to developing cancer.  While this is pretty simple to fix and maintain, you still need to know how. Within Youngevity products, […]

Nature’s Face Lift™

It’s about time I talk about a number one seller.  Surprisingly or not, Nature’s Face Lift is our top selling product on our cousin website ( and in Youngevity as well.  Talk about a product that will make you look younger almost instantly.  Instead of going to Hollywood, you can simply go to the how […]

H.G.H. Youth Complex

The Human Growth Hormone naturally decreases with age, usually beginning when we are about 35-40 years old. This is why you see guys in the NBA or professional sports careers slow down around that age, because it takes longer for the body to recover from activities. Youngevity’s® H.G.H.  Youth Complex™ product has a proprietary blend […]

Pure Passion Energy Drink

When it comes to sexual enhancement, most products are found in pill form and cater only to men.  You’ve seen the late night commercials that throw in an herb or two and ask you to buy… Youngevity has been in the field but now through Adaptogenix, they are even stronger. They addressed this inequality by […]